The main governing bodies of the Consum cooperative are the General Assembly and the Board of Governors, with an equal make-up of working partners and consumer partners. The Ordinary General Assembly meets once a year to ratify the decisions taken by the Board of Governors regarding the management of the Cooperative and approve the annual accounts. It is made up of 150 delegates, distributed between employees and consumers. The Board of Governors, chaired by Francesc Llobell, is composed of 12 representatives; 50% represent the proprietary workers and the other 50% the consumer partners, as independent directors. In addition, as a body representing the working partners, there is the Social Committee, which is itself the consulting organ of the Board of Governors, and is fundamental for internal communication insofar as it relates to socio-labour issues. It is composed of 15 delegates and a President. As well as this, the Board of Governors appoints the Managing Director of the Cooperative and the Board of Directors. This Board of Directors is made up of 9 people, headed by Juan Luis Durich as Managing Director.



President: Francesc Llobell Mas

Vice President: Mª Teresa Caballer Sancho

Secretary: María Sánchez Alcaraz

Deputy Secretary: Vanessa Gómez Campos

Spokespeople: Pablo Terol Piqueras, Gabriel Bejerano Parra, Ana Isabel Cano García, María Cristina Durá Valero, Alejandra Santonja Esteve, Raquel Tarazona Martínez, María José Ramírez Jurado, Enrique Cerezo Cebrián.



President: Inma Costa Hernández

Vice President: Francisca Bayarri Soriano

Secretary: Elvira Tarazona Tarazona

Spokespeople: Juan Antonio Ramos Almansa, Laura Pastor Miguens, Santiago Mora Garrido, Diego José Méndez González, Juan Carlos Gil Ponce, Jorge Juan Calderón García, Antonio M. Ruiz Cortes, Sergio Martín Martín, Cristina Díaz Aroca, Jesús Sinuhé Gutierrez Peña, Esther Fernández Grau, Fco. Javier Martínez Mateo, Santiago Sánchez Pelegrín, José Arroyo Sobrino and Julio Martínez Alba.



In accordance with that set forth in Additional Provision Three (section 2) of Law 22/2015, of 15 July, on Accounts Audits, it is stated that t“CONSUM, S.COOP.V.” that has the equivalent duties as the “Audit Committee”, whose composition and operation is detailed here.