Within the general policy of CONSUM regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) internal procedures for good management have been established. As well as performing a preventative role in criminal matters, they also promote the ethical behaviour of their employees (whether associates, workers or salaried workers) and, at the same time, monitor the adherence to both internal regulations and the relevant legislation, and, all this, within the arena of the activity of the cooperative.

The initial document on which this policy for prevention is based is the Code for Good Corporate Management, approved by the Governing Body on the 25th January 2018. To develop it further, Consum’s Code of Ethics and Behaviour was approved during the same session of the Governing Body on 25th January 2018. The commencement of the Complaints Channel was also approved as an instrument through which employees, clients, interested third parties and providers or creditors of CONSUM will be able to shed light on any possible offences that occur at the heart of the organisation, or any behaviour or irregularity that is related to the disobeyance of any law, internal rule or Consum’s Code of Ethics and Behaviour.

It is important to underline that the corporative prestige and reputation of the cooperative is a basic requirement for the success of the organisation, and guarantees the continuity of the business and, therefore, its sustainability. Because of that it is important that all groups with an interest in Consum are aware of these instruments and place special emphasis on adherence to them, making it clear that every individual that makes up part of the corporation should share this aspiration, as the fact that all members act in an integrated manner not only protects the image of the company at a corporate level, but also allows the cooperative to become a place that all workers are proud to belong to. Due to that, Our Code of Ethics and Behaviour defines the standards of behaviour that make CONSUM a point of reference in Spain within the commercial food distribution sector.

In this sense, it is made clear that all the people that this framework is directed at will be able to make complaints by filling in the relevant form, found in the ‘Complaints Channel’ section of our website, it being clear that all those who, in good faith, draw attention to any of the irregularities mentioned, will be protected against any kind of reprisal, discrimination or penalisation as a result of the complaints that they make.

CONSUM guarantees the highest levels of confidentiality in this matter and adheres to the relevant laws regarding data protection in the treatment of personal information provided with the complaint or obtained during the course of the processing of said complaint.