All your life you’ve said that you’re going to buy from “your supermarket” and it turns
out that it was never yours.
The difference when you co-shop is that it is.

One person winning is not the same as everyone winning.

Shop at a greengrocer’s? or Co-shop at a greengrocer’s where the owner always looks after you?

The difference between 3×2 offers, or discounts on what you buy, is co-shopping.

A company which cares that you work happy, and doesn’t only care that you work.

The difference between showing our love to the planet with promises or measures is Coomprar.

If we only worried about how much you buy, we wouldn’t worry about if what you eat is healthy, don’t you think?

How different it is that they tell you everything they do, to do things by counting on you

Don’t think that we make products designed for you, here we design with you.

If we work with local farmers, it is because our roots don’t understand margins.